About the Philanthropy Journal

The Philanthropy Journal serves nonprofits and their supporters by helping them tell their stories and increase their capacity through nonprofit news, resources, announcements and job listings. Our vision is for nonprofit organizations to have the capacity, commitment, and courage to accomplish their individual missions.

The Philanthropy Journal is a program of the Institute for Nonprofits at NC State University in Raleigh, NC.


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Editorial Calendar

Philanthropy Journal operates with an Editorial Calendar highlighting topical monthly themes. We welcome story ideas from our dedicated readers as well as guest submissions by writers who focus on topics of relevance to the nonprofit sector. Please review our submission guidelines below.

Philanthropy Journal's current Editorial Calendar can be viewed here.

If you have any questions or concerns, email us at customerservice@philanthropyjournal.org or call 919-515-0271 M-F 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

Submission Guidelines

Philanthropy Journal accepts submission of unsolicited articles, especially for the Resources section, which focuses on practical guidance for nonprofits. Please note the following guidelines:

  • All content submitted for consideration to Philanthropy Journal is subject to editing and may be declined.
  • To be considered for a Feature article, please submit at least four weeks in advance of publication dates.
  • Content that promotes products or services will not be considered.
  • Articles should be no more than 800 words.
  • Original content drafted specifically for our use will be labelled as Special to Philanthropy Journal. If we are sharing information, the original source will be noted in the tagline.
  • Provide a current high-resolution photo of the author and any additional images that help to illustrate the topic.
  • Posted articles will be promoted via social media and, when possible, will include the writer's online identification (for example, @PhiJo).
  • Content and article pitches should be sent to news@philanthropyjournal.org.

To submit material for our News section, which focuses on news about grants, gifts, people, groups, opportunities, and initiatives, please note the following guidelines:

  • Any press releases received will be edited for brevity and may be declined.
  • Content for fundraising projects, book reviews, advertisements, or material that is not philanthropy related will not be considered.
  • Content related to grants, gifts, peoples, groups, opportunities, and initiatives should be sent to news@philanthropyjournal.org. Please note that our NC News bits are updated every Monday and our US News bits are updated every other Monday. To ensure that your news is current, please submit materials two weeks in advance.

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