On September 21st, the Philanthropy Journal came together with the NC Center for Nonprofits to live stream FailFest from their 2016 Statewide Conference. Check out the speaker videos!

Matt Carvin

DREAMS of Wilmington Executive Director Matt Carvin reminds us to always follow your mission and believe it with the core of your heart.

Darryl Childers

Cumberland Community Foundation Community Relations Manager Darryl Childers shares the importance of self-care.

Lenora Jarvis-Mackey

River City Community Development Corporation President/CEO Lenora Jarvis-Mackey shares how her understanding of community and economic development has grown.

Tara Kenchen

North Carolina Community Development Initiative President/Chief Executive Officer Tara Kenchen discusses facing failure when you believe failure is not an option.

Cindy McMahon

Western North Carolina Nonprofit Pathways Senior Consultant Cindy McMahon shares her experiences from her first Executive Director position.

Peter Skillern

ReInvestment Partners Executive Director Peter Skillern discusses pulling the plug 18 months into a project.

Linda Stinson

Business coach Linda Stinson discusses aligning passion with purpose.

Let's Work Together

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